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Those who survive beyond childhood are dubbed Teens. The moniker is used when one is between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. Teens are referred to collectively as Gen Z.

This period of time in an entity's life roughly coincides with those years during which one is too old to participate in Blittle League, but too young to participate in Blaseball (with some notable exceptions). As a result, teen interest in Blaseball is particularly low.


Teens are notorious for their exceptional proficiency in the use of social media and their merciless roasting abilities. These qualities combined to absolutely flame poor Teddy Cervantes when he mocked chop cheese sandwiches. As a result the New York Millennials are most hated by Gen Z, despite their claim that "Youth Will Save Us".


After the popularity of Season 2 a special task force, with a direct mandate from The Commissioner, sought to establish a Teen Internet Blaseball League (TIBL) for youth who have aged out of Blittle League. Unlike Blittle League, TIBL would have turned on ground collision, increased the base distance, and played with full exposure to Weather. After much consideration and debate, it was decided that rogue umpires would be harshly punished to prevent Incineration.

However, TIBL has faced severe pushback. The anti-blaseball group Mammals Against Internet Blaseball League (MAIBL) were outraged when they discovered that Basethirst would be an official sponsor of TIBL. Believing the unpopular Splorts Drink to be demonic and, worse, anticapitalist, MAIBL has successfully stalled the opening of the Teen Internet Blaseball League.

Outreach Campaign

The Commissioner is doing a great job to increase Teen interest in blaseball. The Commissioner has announced an initiative to "meet Teens where they're at".

Teen Ambassadors

The key outreach strategy will be the appointing of official Internet League Blaseball Teen Ambassadors. Because of their charming personalities and popularity with Gen Z, the Marijuana brothers are early favorites to fill this role, much to the displeasure of MAIBL.