Tastykake Community Glarden

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Tastykake Community Glarden was created by Mickey Woods with assistance from Beck Whitney, Eizabeth Guerra, and The Boston Flowers Groundskeeper. Originally a vacant lot in South Philly, it now contains a vibrant collection of plants including:

-Paper birch saplings

-McIntosh apple trees

-Probably dinosaur kale, not sure


-Peas (many different varieties)

-Marsh mallows


-Sweet alyssum


-Garlic (clearly marked)

-Chayote squash



The compost pile in the garden contains huge amounts of coffee grounds, plus some cupcake wrappers.

When Caligula Lotus was incinerated in Season 6, Mickey hand-dug a pond to plant water lilies. This was later expanded to provide swimming space for Bright Zimmerman.

When Mickey was incinerated in Season 6, Combs Duende's bat Split Ends lodged itself in one of the raised garden beds and refused to be moved. It is unclear whether the bat has taken root or is waiting for something.