Tartarus Tigercubs

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Tartarus Tigercubs is a splorts newsletter-fanzine for the Hades Tigers, organized by Hades natives and distributed all around Tartarus, especially inside and around the Sixth Circle Stadium. It's comprised of many avid Tigers fans volunteers, with shades, imps, devils and other undead creatures contributing to the publication.

As a splorts fan-club magazine, they mainly report on team affairs, although it's quite common to see articles based on gossip, horoscopes, latest Downtown Tartarus fashion trends, team chants and sometimes even local news. Due to their location, distribution to the wider Blaseball community is limited. The publication has a twitter account that posts snippets of their articles, and after the Season β11 promotion of The Commissioner into CEO of Blaseball, their reporting of the Car Protest Incident has gained traction.

The travelling stand outside the Orpheum is one of the select places where Tlopps Blaseball Cards can be bought

Relationship with the Team

Many members of the Hades Tigers keep up with the fan-club news, sometimes even staying after games for exclusive interviews. Former Tiger's batter (and fan favorite) Fish Summer was known to hang outside the stadium to sign autographs and shred Tigers merch with their teeth. Nowadays, Famous Owens and Aldon Cashmoney are the members who mainly keep with the tradition.