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Proposed addition to Team Staff: Solar Panel

Summary by Dawnfeathers

Added to the page

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

Hi! During the end of the expansion era, I had the idea that the Solar Panels stadium mod for our team might actually be a group of wizards hired and retained by the Park due to a typo or misunderstanding during the filing for renovations.

The full text for the proposed change, to be added under the staff section, is as follows:

The Solar Panel

Between Earlsiesta and Latesiesta of Season 14, funding was collected for the creation of "Solar Panels" within Yellowstone National Park (Ballpark). Due to an internal error[1], this funding was instead used to establish and create an endowment for the perpetuation of The Solar Panel, a group of experts in managing extradimensional run storage and supersolar events.[2]

The makeup of the Panel is a closely guarded secret. However, due to its nature as a "weather", it is widely believed that King Weatherman holds a seat on the Panel. Outside sources[3] have also confirmed that at least one seat is held by the National Park Service, which delegates a respondent each time the Panel is convened. The Panel is confirmed to have at least 10 members, as seen when they were seen activating a ritual circle around the Park's run storage facilities before Season 15, Day 13[4], and again on Season 24, Day 48[5].

When the Panel was first assembled, a number of anonymous complaints were filed with the ILB, citing concerns of bias and run fraud. These accusations have yet to be substantiated, however, as the Solar Panel has by and large stored more runs for visiting teams than for the Magic themselves.

Source links would either be non-functional or link to reblase, not sure which.

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

This section may also end up referenced on the Yellowstone National (Ball)Park page, but I like it here because the staff section feels super sparse right now.

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

I'd like to remove King Weatherman from our "Rivals" section under rumors and reports.

To keep a nod to the famous former rivalry, I'd like to add something about it under "Staff" instead:

  • Weather Management: King Weatherman
    • In addition to his duties as a player, former rival King Weatherman has stepped up to begin trying to stabilize the chaotic weather introduced to the area by Blaseball. He proved instrumental in the construction of the upgraded Ballpark's improved early warding system. While he knows what he did, Magic fan opinion of Weatherman seems to have drastically improved as a result.
Swirl (talkcontribs)

It feels like the end of an era, to remove his name from there entirely... I almost wish there was a Formal Rivals section to list him under.

Would the wording, "Magic fan opinion of Weather man seems to have drastically improved by what he more recently did" be usable? There's potential to sort of mirror the old saying in the cause of the change general opnion.

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

I'm not a huge fan of that wording; while the ambiguity is an intentional allusion, it feels like it'd be more confusing for an unfamiliar reader. Anyone else want to weigh in, though?

Silvaria (talkcontribs)

What about leaving the specifics on what he did to help fi the place up vauge? Such as: "Additionally, shortly after his arrival, the warding around the Ballpark noticeably increased in effectiveness. When asked why the Magic's opinion has shifted so much in such a short time, and if it was related, the team only replies "He knows what he did." It's a hard line to walk, but something in that direction might be more what we're going for?

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

While I like that angle, it'd make it harder to put Weatherman under staff, which seems like the most reasonable place to put him on the page?

I guess we could always just add a subheader for "Former Rivals", but it seems silly to make that change just for him.

Swirl (talkcontribs)

We can always work hard to make more rivals and then later befriend them, so it's not just for him :P

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

Update to this that got talked about on Discord (link).

Anne proposed moving the "staff" entry to an IRM for King, and simply changing King's status on the page to either "anti-rival" or "former rival"; I'm partial to the latter personally, and it feels a little more elegant than moving Weatherman onto staff.

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