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Sidebar "Current Season"

VentingNonsense (talkcontribs)

Just FYI in case you didn't know: Current Season on the sidebar is broken, and so is the From the Latest Season section on the main page.

KCToxic (talkcontribs)

Should be fixed.

What to actually name this page

KitMason (talkcontribs)

Gamma isn't really the correct identifier, as it refers to the short circuits. By the same token, Season 25, my original intention for what to name this page, is incorrect, as the site itself recognises this season as Season 1. But we have no name for this Era yet, so I'm at a loss of what to name it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

KCToxic (talkcontribs)

In regards to how to sort out season pages, we've been discussing over at Topic:Xado7lf06yu5y39i how to handle the new seasons (check it out if you want to contribute to that particular discussion). So far the consensus seems to be sorting old seasons into being "Beta/Season" and new ones into "(New Sim Name)/Season", though we've run into the same issue of "what is this thing even called?"

I think the stopgap solution you have so far of marking them as new works pretty well for now (since we can always move and rename them later).

Pokeylope (talkcontribs)

Yeah, at this point I think we just wait for more plot to happen so we know what to actually call it. For now, we can leave it here or call it "Season 1 (The Return(s))" as an interim solution.

KitMason (talkcontribs)

Sounds like a plan, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for a handy Era name. Thanks for the headsup!

Moondragon (talkcontribs)

Well! We have an Era name now! What to do with it?

KCToxic (talkcontribs)

Per the other discussion Topic:Xado7lf06yu5y39i, I think the plan is to refer to all the new seasons as Season X (automatic link replacement to fix beta links is ongoing so that shouldn't be a problem). With the era name I think what is needed now is a stub for it so it can eventually become a page like Expansion Era, for example.

Pokeylope (talkcontribs)

Page has been moved to "Season 1" and links have been updated.

A Section Regarding Offseason?

KitMason (talkcontribs)

Given today has seen the Umpires continue to unveil the details of the Book, and official sources have detailed that we should be keeping up with the site during off-seasons, might it be beneficial to either

a) detail offseason happenings on the page of the season that directly predates them?

b) create a page for Offseason 1 with those details maintained there?

FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

Given the blaseball page has changed to "offseason" I think something like the latter may be better

EDIT: Actually given that events in the offseason will probably be at a smaller rate, it's probably better to just incorperate them into the season page with a new section at the bottom.

Pokeylope (talkcontribs)

I think it makes sense to add it to the end of the season page.

KitMason (talkcontribs)

Alright, I'll get that added right now.

EDIT: Someone did it already also saw we have a textstyle for the umps now thats good to know also!

FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

Do we know if each team could recieve more than one blessing or might it just be luck?

Glumbaron (talkcontribs)

We know from the election API that there was a flag in the blessings section that said "maximumAllowed: 1", though it did not display on the frontend. That's why I added that sentence to the blessings section.

FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

Thanks for claryfying. I wasn't aware that existed!

A correction to track down re: postseason

Glumbaron (talkcontribs)

The Postseason section says, "Teams alternate home games with the higher seed hosting first.", which I believe is from a template from prior seasons. For some reason, this season, all of the playoff series were held entirely at the "higher seed"'s home stadium, so it didn't switch off at all. And weirder still, it was not entirely clear how the higher seed was being determined for this, because the Shoe Thieves got to be at home for the entire Internet Series, despite having a worse record than the Wild Wings. We should track down which teams hosted which series to make sure that this section is correct, and edit the part I quoted to reflect it.

Incognito80 (talkcontribs) appears to be using "Day" to refer to real life days (eg beat_reporters Quick Hits posts) and "Game" to refer to the Game Days (eg Game 23 on the facts_machine's League Leaders post). Should this page (and other NEW era pages I guess) follow that convention (Season X Game X)? Or should we stick to the classic Season X Day X format?

KitMason (talkcontribs)

I think we should be consistent throughout season pages, and given previous seasons refer to the count of in-game games as Days, we should maintain that. Changing it between pages would be confusing to read, at least in my opinion.

Lazaretto RCO (talkcontribs)

I'm partial to referring to NEW Blaseball with Season X Game X given that's what it seems like they're going with; as long as Beta/Gamma maintain the same Day structure with the Beta/Short Circuits template on their pages.

KCToxic (talkcontribs)

I think using Game X works so long as it's in relation to new seasons/new era content.

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