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Bake rattle and roll

Thesunshinydays (talkcontribs)

hi!! i made some lore about a seasonal concert/bake sale that i workshopped with the pies and garages over the siesta, and id like to add a blurb about it to the traditions section if thats alright

Bake, Rattle, and Roll

Bake, Rattle, and Roll (also known as BRR Fest) is a combination charity bake sale/benefit concert originally conceived by pitcher Henry Marshallow after Season 9. Held between seasons since its inception, the event is a cooperative effort between the Philly Pies and the Seattle Garages, and invites participation from both teams’ current and former players. The rules of the event dictate that anyone who has played as a Pie but not a Garage must perform live music, anyone who has played as a Garage but not a Pie must make pie, and any player who has played on both teams must only assist with the administration and logistics for the event.

Thesunshinydays (talkcontribs)

nobody said no so im adding it

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