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Updated Monty Lore

UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

Added some lore for Monty to get them back on the Crabs and incorporate some ideas that came up in our jam. This is some additions to the three existing IRMs, and the addition of one non-standard IRM in the form of city council notes.

The full text can be found here, with the existing text in red.

Fridays Monty Lore

R4bbitdragon (talkcontribs)

Hey! Just loosely gathering what I remember of our Monty lore. Since all of his entries are IRM already, I'm guessing the best way to add this would be as a new IRM? Don't think I'll have time to make this a full article soon tho, so if anyone wants to take a crack at it, appreciated.

-When the crabs ascended, the people of Montgomery County stayed behind- possibly the logistics of them all ascending, possibly had a vote and decided against it?

-Since they still all had ILB contracts they had to join a new team, which ended up being the Fridays.

-Montgomery County still needed to move from Maryland to Hawai'i to be able to play.

-'Luckily' after the black hole destroyed the moon, a chunk of it, still haunted by the ghosts from the fridays/sunbeams party, landed near Hawai'i and formed a new island, coincidentally the same shape as Montgomery County.

-Thus, they moved from Montgomery County, Maryland, to Loonar Community Montgomery County (LoCoMoCo for short.)

-(Then the land in Maryland they left behind became Bonty.)

-After the move, the Homunculus of Montgomery Bullock took on a new form, made of the moon rocks of the terrain. More of a Homoonculus.

-Montgomery is also friendly with the ghosts in their new home, and is probably also friends with the Moonba (who I believe has their own page)

Any other things/changes you can think of? Any team interactions?

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