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reformatting and page cleanup for easier upkeep

Jayemaul (talkcontribs)

Now that most of the lore aspects of the current season overviews have been moved to the history page, I'd like to reformat Season results to make it easier to upkeep.

- season records table - election results pt list (reduced version of the timeline on the history page) - notable games (all seasons)

Other updates - removing the handful of fanworks to keep upkeep work to the Fan Works page - misc updates: removing stew as captain from infobox (former captains section?), clarifying the Ballpark situation, updates to staff

Nesblitt (talkcontribs)

one note: the history page is intended for community lore-related history. I'm going to be posting details about a project soon that should clean up -every- team's page shortly

Jayemaul (talkcontribs)

sounds good! i can hold off on the bigger stuff until that's posted!

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