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FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

Most teams still have their old modifications on their page. I noticed some older modifications that only appeaed in a past season at the time the page was updated have a bracket noting which season(s) they had that. Should we keep doing that for the future seasons or should we wipe the modifications clean except for the season 24 ones and the ones gained during the election?

Oj (talkcontribs)

So I want to replace several bits of the oldest Discipline Era lore with stuff we've come up with since

  • The mascot is a randomly selected audience member in whatever sort of disguise or costume they want, both at home and away games.
  • The Spies do not maintain visible memorials to the dead... but because burning one's offerings to the dead leaves no identifiable evidence, specific trash incineration chutes are unofficially traditionally dedicated to specific players.
  • The Agency's whole "you are already an agent whether or not you know about it" thing was born out a "mis"understanding of the sheer volume of evidence of other Blaseball players being in regular contact with existing Agents (by playing Blaseball against them). In the Expansion Era the Agency stepped off the coercion and inducts new players as properly new agents now.
  • Also, the Spies are extremely valuable, so the Agency spares no expense taking care of them.
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