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Li0ness (talkcontribs)

Here's your jumping off point for Gnome Lore.

Imagine a beachy looking lawn gnome with a surfboard here. Nobody on the team claims ownership of the gnome, it just happens to appear in someone's duffel bag or in a locker on occasion. Whoever presently is in possession of the gnome endeavors to pass it off to someone else on the team by secreting it in among their things without getting caught.

Eric O. (talkcontribs)

During NaN's brief Fridays tenure, the gnome found its way into NaN's locker after their first game, and never left. Whether no one explained the tradition, or whether NaN simply enjoyed having a gnome friend, is still unclear.

Tophical (talkcontribs)

Sometimes it simply turns up. In the middle of a game, while players are out swimming, that one time it replaced Winner's weights half way through a workout. No one could ever quite remember the exact moment it appeared and none of the players admitted to doing it, certainly not Harrell, who was having way too much fun.

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