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Page Overhaul for NEW Season 1 / Blaseball full release

QuinnT (talkcontribs)

Hello! I just wanted to post here about my proposed idea for how to handle the Moist Talkers team page. To keep things concise, I was thinking about splitting the team page into Beta and Current versions, much like how other pages like seasons are having it done.

The Beta version of the team page would be reverted to this version:, and could probably be moved to a Beta/ directory.

For the current version, I've made an update page here: User:QuinnT/Season Results, with links back to the Beta page for the right parts of the page.

Mailorlunare (talkcontribs)

(I asked the Shoe Thieves about this addition and they liked it)

As a rite of passage for new Moist Talker players, and also to encourage camaraderie with the Shoe Thieves, new players are taken out shopping to buy several pairs of cool shoes. Players can expect their shoes to first get stolen by Beasley Gloom, and then when they eventually pass onto the Shoe Thieves, they can often find a little bite mark from Beasley. This is considered good luck, and a good omen for coming games.

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