Sun Dialed

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Sun Dialed is a team Modification held by the LA Unlimited Tacos that causes a random player on their team to be improved by 1% when the Tacos activate Sun 2.


Sun Dialed causes a random player on the team to catch some rays, improving them by 1%. The message shown when a player catches rays is:

[PLAYER] caught some rays!

Players with Rays

Season Day Player
15 69 Basilio Mason
16 95 Vito Kravitz
18 10 Mcdowell Mason
18 94 Basilio Mason
19 62 Basilio Fig
20 9 Basilio Fig
20 28 Michelle Sportsman
21 26 Sexton Wheerer
21 38 Felix Garbage
21 89 Valentine Games II
22 40 Rat Mason
23 62 Basilio Mason


Sun Dialed was awarded to the LA Unlimited Tacos during the Season β13 Election, as a result of the Sun Dialed blessing, with the message:

The Tacos will now be kissed by Sun 2.