Stephens Lightner/IF-23.428

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Stephen Fredricks

Stephen Fredricks was the most infamous criminal housed at the IF-23.428 Englewood Federal Correctional Facility. In IF-23.428, they were responsible for the theft of thousands of priceless Colorado artifacts, including the Mlona Lisel, the Dlavid, the only remaining copy of Gland Tuft Otto Englewood Heights (pre-"Mature Content" patch), and a small church mouse named Lucifer who entertained the nuns at Santo Cristobal's Episcopal Daycare.

Stephens Fredricks was one of the most dangerous con artists in their dimension. Though they had been a part of Lightner for at least REDACTED of years, they were able to conceal their former identity as a con artist from The Collective, claiming that they'd been a fortune teller in IF-23.428 to manipulate Lightner into occasionally making decisions they wouldn't have otherwise made. Their former identity was outed on Season 8, Day 36, when in a rather boneheaded move they got careless and used their "divinity" to predict a 3-game winning streak for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands, which was immediately disproven by their loss to the New York Millennials. It was the first known incident of a Stephen acting against the interests of The Collective.

Fredricks is said to be responsible for Lightner's proficiency at stealing bases, due to being a master thief.