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Stable is a Player Modification first seen in Season β8.


Players who are Stable cannot be made Unstable via a player with Debt or Instability chaining to them


Jaylen Hotdogfingers was brought back to life during the Season β6 Elections, gaining Debt and as such, the abillity to make players Unstable. There wasn't a way to avoid being Unstable at that time.

In Season β8, the Forever Physical Blessing was offered, with the description: Keep a Random Player on your team Stable. The Seattle Garages won the blessing, giving Ron Monstera the Stable modification. The Blessing was given out as follows:

Unfortunately, Ron Monstera never got to use their new Modification as the Garages won the New Kid blessing in the same Election which proceeded to instantly incinerate them, as they were the Least Idolized player on the team team.