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Sponge is a Player Modification, first seen in the Season β20 Elections.


When a player with Sponge is on base in Flooding weather, there is a greater chance of Floods, sweeping players without Ego off the bases and potentially sending them Elsewhere.

Sponge has no effect on pitchers.


Sponge was first seen in the Season β20 Elections as a result of the Sponge Blob Blessing, which would give all players with Ego on the winning team's roster the modification. The Hades Tigers won the blessing, giving Nicholas Mora (with Ego+) and Paula Turnip (with Ego++) the blessing.

The Tigers had 4% of the Votes, compared with highest bidders the Tacos with 63%. 3,073,929 votes were cast in total for this blessing.

See Also

  • Flippers - a Player modification which allows a player to score instead of being swept off the bases
  • Flood Bath - the Moist Talkers' Evolution modification, which gives players Slippery when they are swept off the bases
  • High Pressure - a Team and Player modification which improves performance in Flooding weather, if there are players on base