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Socks Maybe/IF-19.872


Socks Maybe is a human of an unknown age, with short white hair that they claim is “genetic” and “stop asking me if it’s from stress before I [THREAT REDACTED].” Previously to playing Blaseball, Maybe was a hitman for hire, among other, variably illegal services they would do for money. It is unknown whether they’ve kept this job after their involvement in Blaseball.

Outside of the rare interview, Maybe communicates exclusively in code, Matoran, buttons similar to those that cats use for communication, and dead drops that only fail fifty percent of the time (a datapoint that can be noted by anyone within ARG spheres to be “impressive” and “quite honestly, kind of suspicious.”) According to teammate Baby “Ruthless” Triumphant, Maybe doesn’t have an apartment and “freeloads in whoever’s house they can,” refusing to stay in the Fire House unless they’re “being inconvenient about it.”

Maybe always lands on their feet. They are exactly 4’8”. Like all of us, they are from Chicago. Their number is 872.

Relationship to Thomas Kirby

Maybe, when asked if they knew the person they replaced in the Season 9 Elections, said yes. Thomas Kirby, noted as the “only cishet in Blaseball” by most of his former teammates, allegedly taught Maybe all they know about sniper rifles. While this was the only information Maybe themself gave, research collected shows that Maybe and Kirby met on the regular before Kirby’s incineration, and that one such meeting was going to happen after the Elections. This is possibly why Maybe was waiting in the vents of the Election Hall (that they, as seen on video, fell directly out of when called upon to join Blaseball.)

After Kirby died, Maybe was seen at the Crabitat, giving a handful of his ashes to Yurts Trunbo. This is theorized to mean that Maybe has a memorial pearl for Kirby; however, it has never been seen, and they have never admitted to it.

“I did know him. The day you get any information out of me about it is the day I get incinerated, though. You guys are nosy. We were friends. You can find the paper trails from there, can’t you?” — Maybe, when asked about Kirby, translated from T9.

Socks Maybe/IF-27.733

"I heard that Socks Maybe is just a regular cat!"

"Wow, we're so lucky to have a cat on our team!"


Maybe is, in all respects, a regular orange cat. When not practicing blaseball, she's often spotted skulking around Chicago, sporting her iconic cat suits, and terrorizing vermin. When asked about how she keeps her look so fresh, Maybe responded with a calm meow before wandering off (Maybe was not pressed for comment, as it is best not to overwork a cat with these things).

Human Strength

Empirically, Maybe possesses strength greater than that of most cats. While some have called this strength comparable to that of a human, the general consensus in the Fire House is that Maybe's strength is equal to that of a tiger, or another similarly large feline. The exact source of her strength is is currently unknown, though it is theorized that her diet of grass and other houseplants contributes to some degree.

Socks Maybe/IF-29.618


There exist a number of theories pertaining to the existence of Socks Maybe. The most common understanding of Socks Maybe is a normal, if extremely grumpy-looking, housecat that is white with black spots. The exact number of black spots on Socks is unknown, as occasionally they are not a black-and-white cat at all, but a ginger tabby, calico, or Russian blue.

Occasionally, they are seen wearing a collar with Kirby on it. Sometimes, they wear Baby Triumphant’s socks, but only the ones made of natural, non-animal fibers. Very rarely, they wear a denim jacket.  


It is generally agreed that Thomas Kirby, former member of the Firefighters, ran into a burning building to save a cat. Upon Kirby’s incineration, this cat was turned over to the care of the Firefighters, as Kirby had willed his position on the team to his cat. What the cat was named prior to Kirby’s incineration remains unclear.

Multiple Firefighters admit to confusion regarding the origin of Maybe’s name. Some suggest that Maybe’s collar had a tag that could be read as ‘SOCKS,’ if one tilted their head and squinted. Others suggest that Declan Suzanne, having retrieved the cat from Kirby’s home, asked for name suggestions. According to this story, Rivers Rosa suggested “Sox, maybe,” which some believe to be a joke but others vehemently deny on account of Rivers having ‘less than no sense of humor.’ When Declan took the cat to the veterinarian, he could not recall exactly what Rivers had said, but nevertheless the cat’s name got recorded as “Socks, maybe?”

It has also been suggested that Socks Maybe got its name on account of already being named Socks, but the Firefighters could not keep track of the original Socks Maybe, and so continually scoop the nearest cat off the street, put a firefighter’s helmet on it, and tell it to play blaseball. The Firefighters’ inability to keep track of whether or not any individual cat is Socks has led to them calling all cats “Socks, Maybe.”

Team Relationships

Socks Maybe has a tenuous relationship with most of the Firefighters. Regardless of whether Socks Maybe is one cat or many, they hold a bitter hatred for everyone except Baby Triumphant, Goobie Ballson, and Joshua Butt. They perhaps hate Declan Suzanne, Wesley Poole, and Rivers Rosa most of all.

Socks Maybe/IF-69.517

Depending on the way you’re looking at them, they’re either:

  • a specific cat
  • a non specific cat that changes every game
  • a sock monkey
  • a sock salesman
  • a cat that everyone refers to as a dalmatian

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