Shame Donor

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Shame Donor is a Team Modification that causes a team to inflict negative runs on their opponent's next game when their opponent is shamed.


When a team with Shame Donor shames their opponent, that opponent will begin their next game with Unruns equal to the number of runs they were shamed by.


Shame Donor first appeared as a part of the Enrich Will in Seasons 15 through 17, though no teams opted to file the Will.

Shame Donor appeared again in the Season β18 Elections as a part of the Class Act Blessing. This was won by the Seattle Garages and added as a Seasonal modification for Season 19. The Garages proceeded to shame their opponents in five games in Season 19:

Date (S19) Shamed team Unruns donated Opponent's result for next game
Day 32 LA Tacos 0.9 loss
Day 45 Yellowstone Magic 2 loss
Day 76 Core Mechanics 1 loss
Day 82 Baltimore Crabs 2 loss
Day 112 Yellowstone Magic 1 N/A (eliminated from Post Season)

See Also

  • Targeted Shame - a team modification with a similar effect, that inflicts negative runs on the team holding the modification