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Welcome back to the Society Pursuing Interesting Things, agent. This is your reminder that the following is strictly confidential, and can never be shown to anyone who is not involved with the containment of SPIT-3020.

Containment Procedures

SPIT-3020 is to be kept unaware of their true nature, and all measures possible must be taken to preserve this information. Proven methods of suppressing SPIT-3020's primary anomalous trait is to feed a mixture primarily consisting of corn and caffeine (as they have been proven to nullify their true form), convincing the subject that they are a standard Canis Familiaris, and rapid and changing entertainment (most effectively the online video game Flortnite, specifically the competitive "Blattle Royale" mode). Corn, and corn adjacent byproducts, have been proven to reduce anomalous properties through both consumption, and regular application to the mantle.


SPIT-3020 appears to be a standard Enoploteuthis Squid with several key deviations, which include longer arms and tentacles, and the ability to form them into 4 working appendages that are used as the primary form of movement. When unobserved by people deemed emotionally significant by the subject, the subject gains many features that have been generally used in the cosmic horror genre to depict an enlightened or transcended being, such as growing several hundred eyes, growing in size by up to ten-thousand percent (recorded), and gaining several psychokinetic abilities, including the ability to fly, and lift objects much heavier than standard observation concludes musculature is capable of. Current hypothesis suggest that SPIT-3020 is either the source, or descended from the source, of these tropes.

Due to the unique activation of the subject's anomalous traits, subject was placed into a constructed life with an unaware civilian who tested highly positive in all empathy tests available to the Society. This conclusion was reached by the Board due to several key incidents where Society Agents mistakenly broke façade and led to several breaches of SPIT-[REDACTED] and SPIT-[REDACTED]. As of today, the civilian is observed in everyday life by a security team, several members of which are implanted within the on-site security of [REDACTED] Arena, where the civilian is a professional [REDACTED]. It is of the utmost importance that SPIT-3020 never reach full potential, as current studies have been inconclusive as to the upper-limit of this entities abilities.