Secret Base

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Secret Base is a Ballpark Renovation that allows players on Second Base to hide between innings.


Secret Base has three known effects:

When a player is on Second Base they have a chance of entering the Secret Base, and leaving the field. They may then return at any point during the game. Notably they do not leave the team's roster, so they can return to bat even if they are in the Secret Base and can emerge from the base even if they are already on the field. This has lead to a number of examples of players batting themselves in using the Secret Base.

If a player with the Observed Modification enters a Secret Base they become Redacted. The following players have been redacted via a Secret Base:

Player Redacted Date
Kurt Crueller Season 15 Day 78
Oscar Dollie Season 16 Day 97
Dimi Blather Season 24 Day 16
Zephyr McCloud Season 24 Day 32

Players that are Redacted have a chance of exiting the Secret Base as Attractors. If they are batted in before the end of the inning, they join the team's roster. If not, vanish until they are seen again exiting another Secret Base. The following attractors have emerged from a Secret Base:

Player Attraction Date Team Attracted
Brisket Friendo Season 16 Day 1 Crabs
Nagomi Mcdaniel Season 16 Day 27 Dale
Chorby Short Season 16 Day 37 Millennials
Liquid Friend Season 16 Day 48 Jazz Hands
Forrest Best Season 16 Day 50 Steaks
Wyatt Glover Season 16 Day 81 Wild Wings
Oscar Dollie Season 17 Day 13 Shoe Thieves
Lance Serotonin Season 17 Day 27 Firefighters
Ren Hunter Season 17 Day 55 Shoe Thieves
Tad Seeth Season 17 Day 64 Worms
Tiana Wheeler Season 17 Day 92 Breath Mints
Peanut Holloway Season 17 Day 94 Pies
Alyssa Harrell Season 17 Day 109 Fridays
Alx Keming Season 18 Day 1 Firefighters
Kurt Crueller Season 18 Day 14 Lovers
Agan Espinoza Season 24 Day 13 Firefighters
Frankie Incarnate Season 24 Day 37 Lift
Zephyr McCloud Season 24 Day 40 Dale


Secret Base was first seen in the Season β15 Earlsiesta as an available Ballpark Renovation.

Ballpark Additions

The Secret Base was unlocked: