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Sealant is a Team Modifications first seen in Season β10.


Teams with the Sealant modification cannot have their blood drained by other Players via the Blooddrain Weather.


The Sealant modification was first seen in Season β10, being offered in the Election of that season. It was offered under the Sealant Blessing, with the description: Plug the leak. Your Team cannot have blood stolen in Blooddrain. The Hades Tigers won the Blessing as follows:

  • Sealant blessed the Hades Tigers.
    • The Tigers have gained Sealant.
    • The Tigers had 24% of the votes and were the highest bidders. 745,186 votes were cast.

When a Player attempts to siphon blood from a player on a team with Sealant, they will be blocked. The following message is an example from Season β17 Day 5:

The Blooddrain gurgled!
Stijn Strongbody tried to siphon blood from Dunlap Figueroa, but they were Sealed!