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Sandoval Crossing/IF-5778.2

Sandoval Crossing is a sentient stretch of desert, or possibly some kind of nature spirit connected to arid regions. They are a friend to all desert creatures, including the unfortunate souls that call Hellmouth home.

Sandoval Crossing/IF-5778.3

Crossing's purported origins of being a mundane human who stumbled into the Immaterial Plane and became a blaseball player are patently false. Their moniker of "Crossing Guard" refers to their status as a psychopomp, escorting souls between realms of the living and dead, and issuing decrees to stop or start the "traffic".

In truth, Crossing is an unknowable entity - either assuming a mostly-harmless form, or restricting their influence upon the Immaterial Plane to the point they are harmless. While Crossing's intent is unknowable, in practice he is nothing but warm, helpful, and personable to fellow blaseball players, in particular his teammates on the Hellmouth Sunbeams. Crossing has seemingly-happily taken on a mentoring role within the team, often putting herself in charge of onboarding new players and gently coaching the rest of the rotation.

It is unknown what sort of crisis could compel Crossing to show their true power, if rogue umpires and petty divinity are not sufficient causes.

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