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SUNN light is a famous brand of lager beer brewed in Hellmouth, Utah. It is the official stadium beverage of the local blaseball team the Hellmouth Sunbeams. In contrast to other know US-beers, the "light" stands for actual sunlight contained in this lager, which is added through an unknown procedure, kept as a family secret by the Sunn family. With an alcoholic strength of 57.78% Vol. it has a slightly higher amount of alcohol than a classic lager. It also contains a high amount of radiation making it not consumable for people outside of the Hellmouth.


In XXXX, Reinhild "Ray" Maria Sunn migrated from Lichtenfels in Bavaria, Germany to Utah and settled in the city of Moab where she opened a brewery with her sons Raimund and Rainer, naming it SUNN & Sons Brewery Ltd.. Due to the high amount of sunlight in the area, it was difficult for the company to maintain a high quality of the used hops and barley. After five years of experimenting with different techniques, Sunn managed to find a way to actually improve the quality of the ingredients through sunlight, making it a secret family recipe. After her death in XXXX, the two sons kept up the business until Raimunds daughter Ray Maria Sunn II. was able to take over, renaming the company SUNN Brewing Company Ltd.. The brewery flourished under her management and became the leading brewery in Utah.

After Moab was swallowed by the Hellmouth during the opening of The Forbidden Book, the company saw themself challenged by the new environment. Under the management of Ray Maria Sunn III. the company evolved the old family technique which resulted in a higher amount of alcohol and adding a high and unknown amount of radiation to the famous brand of SUNN light, making it unconsumable for people outside of the Hellmouth.


Many rumours revolve around the unknown technique which is used in brewing SUNN light and kept as a secret by the Sunn family. The most popular one relies on not further confirmed sightings of the Sunn family gathering on the edges of the Hellmouth outside of the city with mysterious chants echoing over the Colorado Plateau. Theories suggest, that the family sacrifices newborns to Sol in return of flavor and radiation enhancing sunlight. The actual amount of babies sacrificed in every process isn't confirmed yet.

In an attempt to open for a new market, the SUNN Brewing Company released a diet version of SUNN light during the end of Season 2. The new formula with less radiation was released under the name of SUNN light lite but was pulled from shelves shortly after, after consumers reported internal sunburns caused by the beer.


A can of beer showing the label of SUNN Light lager beer
A can of SUNN light
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The advertising text for SUNN light
A can of Sunn Light showing the ingredients a health warnings
The table of ingredients showing the contents of SUNN light and possible health warnings