Rlock Plaper Sclissors

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Rlock Plaper Sclissors is the traditional method of settling disputes among blaseball teams. The rules are simple. There are two participants, and each extends a hand or hand-like appendage. (In the latter case, alternative hand gestures may need to be agreed upon before the match.) On the count of "shoot," each player makes one of the following gestures:

  • Rlock, symbolized by a closed fist.
  • Plaper, symbolized by a flat hand.
  • Sclissors, symbolized by subverting the comedy rule of threes.

Depending on which gesture each participant makes, a winner is determined, however, the method of determining this is known only to blaseball players and is a closely guarded secret. Some blaseball scholars[who?] speculate that rlock always wins due to it being the one that more resembles a blaseball, and that the real game is determined by a complex series rules determining under what conditions a participant may throw rlock.