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This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Rat Mason at their Rumor Registry.

Ratatouille Rat Mason

Rat Polk joined the Tacos looking for a chance at splorts fame, especially in kickball. Some may think it is kind of odd that they seemed to introduce himself as 'Matthew', wrote 'Rat' down on the sign-up sheet, and then proceed to stumble over his words for a full minute before announcing that they must have misheard and that he introduced himself as 'Ratthew'. Teammates and fans report peculiar behavior on the plate; he is frequently seen looking up and talking to himself, and wincing in pain when he misplays. Questions such as "Why do we never see him without his cap" and "Why does Rat preform like a Blittle League player during practice, but like a star during games" and "Why does he always leave the room when people talk about the stadium's rat problem" have led certain social media presences to insist that a rat living under Mason's Blaseball cap was, quote, "piloting this [respectable] [fellow] Ratatouille-style".

When asked about these rumors, Tacos manager Al Pastor said, "Sure we've never seen our boy Ratthew without his hat on, but we think it's like, totally chill if he's actually a rat who dreams of being a splorts star. Like they say: Anyone can Blaseball." Other Tacos have similarly declined to comment on the rumours out of respect for Mason's privacy. Mason is described as a bit of a himbo, often a klutz when off the field, and a normal dude out of his depth. He claims to enjoy carousel rides and has no strong opinions on the Bee Mlovie.

Unbeknownst to the press, 'Ratthew' is actually 'Rat' and 'Matthew'. Matthew, an aspiring kickball player, dramatically lacked athletic talent. Rat, a rat, was tragically and chronically bound by the laws of physics, preventing them from fulfilling their dream of becoming a famous splorts player, because they could not kick the “dang ball” effectively, despite their immense knowledge of “sports and also video games”. Rat approached Matthew for a team-up, and they have been working together Ratatouille-style ever since. Although Rat (the rat) is somewhat irritable when dealing with Matthew's blunders, the two of them are ultimately close friends.

For most of their blaseball career, the duo has been trying to keep their Ratatouille situation secret from the rest of the team, and although it is painfully obvious to almost everyone else, the team respected Ratthew's privacy and did not bring it up. In the aftermath of Season 9 Day X, distressed over the team's dramatic downsizing, Matthew and Rat admitted their situation to the Tacos, who in turn admitted that they'd already known that and supported it unconditionally (with the exception of the team mascot, Pepito, who had no idea but still supported them).

When referring to both Matthew and Rat, the team refers to them as Ratthew.