Randall Marijuana's Cat/C-Pepperjack Cheez-its

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Randy's Cat Cáfe is actually home to several cats, but Randy was too stoned to realize it. If you would like to see a list of all cats in the cáfe, or give a new cat a home in the Cáfe, click Randy's Cat Cáfe. This system is based on the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, which can be read all about at Interdimensional Rumor Mill.

Pepperjack Cheez-its

Pepperjack Cheez-its will be a friendly orange tabby born a few miles north of the Hellmouth, and will be (and is) the cat of Randall Marijuana. In the timeline we currently exist in, Pepperjack Cheez-its has not yet been born, but due to occasional side effects of their Precognition abilities, Randall Marijuana periodically believed they already owned Pepperjack Cheez-its. Pepperjack Cheez-its will be born to his mother, Dutchess, and his father, The Noble Cheeseball, in a small two bedroom apartment owned by a struggling painter. The painter, not expecting the sudden addition of a litter of cats to his family, will give the cats out to various interested parties, including a small girl named Wesley. Wesley will take Pepperjack Cheez-its with her on her family trip to the Hellmouth, from which they never return. During this time, Pepperjack Cheez-its will escape Wesley's new house and be drawn to the smell of freshly baked herbal brownies coming from Randall Marijuana's home, at which point Randy will say, "Oh, there you are, Cheez-its, where you've been?" Randy will note with some confusion that Cheez-its seems smaller than he sometimes remembers, and then immediately forget. Curiously, despite being dubbed "Ronald" by his previous owners, a part of Pepperjack Cheez-its will instantly recognize his new (and true) name, and he will have no difficulties adjusting to his new life with Randall. Once at Randall's house, Cheez-its will enjoy chasing bits of string, prancing about the backyard, and stealing bits of Randall's food when he isn't looking.