Randall Marijuana's Cat/C-Mr. Mlistoffelees

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Randy's Cat Cáfe is actually home to several cats, but Randy was too stoned to realize it. If you would like to see a list of all cats in the cáfe, or give a new cat a home in the Cáfe, click Randy's Cat Cáfe. This system is based on the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, which can be read all about at Interdimensional Rumor Mill.

Mr. Mlistoffelees

Mr. Mlistoffelees, who appeared in Randall's apartment in Breckenridge after he was traded to the Jazz Hands, is a small, quiet, extremely clever cat, black from his ears to the tip of his tail. He can pick any card from a pack and is equally cunning with dice, and is always deceiving Randall into believing that he's only hunting for mice. Mr. Mlistoffelees often remains vague and aloof, but he has sometimes been heard on the roof while he was curled up by the fire. Randall considered this incontestable proof of his singular magical powers, and often told visitors that they have "never known a cat so clever as magical Mr. Mlistoffelees".

Other visitors to Randall's apartment describe Mr. Mlistoffelees as a actor from a production of the musical Clats staged at The Pocket, wearing a detailed cat costume and makeup.