Randall Marijuana's Cat/C-Diogenes

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Cat / Community Lore
Randy's Cat Cáfe is actually home to several cats, but Randy was too stoned to realize it. If you would like to see a list of all cats in the cáfe, or give a new cat a home in the Cáfe, click Randy's Cat Cáfe. This system is based on the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, which can be read all about at Interdimensional Rumor Mill.


Diogenes is a quadrupedal homunculus that is about 18 inches long and 10 inches tall. Diogenes has a head with two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth. They also have an approximately 12 inch long tail, fur, and a bad attitude. Diogenes is a cat by all definitions, and that is all that matters to their caretaker.