Randall Dennis

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Randall Dennis is a professional ploker player and father of Miami Dale lineup player Randy Dennis.

Dennis has allegedly been spotted in the casino yachts in the international waters of the Atlantic, although no one will go on the record as confirming they have seen him there. When asked about his questionably legal gambling, he says only “I’m no whale, but I suppose I am a manatee.” Sources say he is a formidable opponent to local high roller gang the Card Sharks, having overheard Randall say “They may be actual sharks, but I know how to make them bleed.”

Dennis is known for his popularity with the ladies, and has been spotted with several of Miami’s most eligible bachelorettes. Local newspaper man Miami Gerald, who managed to catch Randall in public with a mystery woman, asked him “Who’s this lovely lady?” and the elder Dennis replied “Out of your league.”

Gerald has also queried Dennis' son Randy if he inherited his father’s “mad game” and Randy replied “Absolutely! Playing blaseball games in our lagoon made me the player I am today!” After a pause, he added, “Just kidding! Actually I am on the market. Waiting for Mx Right, am I right??” Little is known about Randy’s mother, although there is a rumor going around that there are three potential mothers, from a wild weekend Randall spent on an island in Greece. When asked about this rumor, Randy replied, “There have been a lot of important adults in my life, I don’t want to do a whole song and dance about it.” Randy has also stressed that although they have very different interests, his father was always fully supportive of Randy’s blaseball career.