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The Hades Tigers' "Mascot" is known by many names to its fans: The Ill Wind, The Sense of Dread, The Presence. Their mascot is not one of flesh and bone but of mind and spirit. It is the ominous feeling within one's gut as they take the field against the Tigers, the impending doom felt in a visiting fan's core as Victory continues to slip further and further away. While many dismiss its existence, Tigers fans are fervent believers in this terrifying entity. Pre-game. mid-game, and post-game rituals are performed to safeguard the Tigers' fans and players from its wrath, and direct its fury upon their foes.

Many fans claim that its presence can be felt at a visceral level and that those in its proximity are often overwhelmed by feelings of nervous anticipation, fear and splortsmanship. Several hosts of Landry Violence claimed to have witnessed it appear at the moment of their possession as a three-headed tiger they call Tigerberus, although these sightings remain purely anecdotal.

Interseason Ritual

The first interseason ritual was conducted between seasons 2 and 3. According to Tigers pitching coach Kick Rocks, an oracle Kick Rocks once spoke to foretold that upon the arrival of a player with a legendary bat The Presence would manifest into reality and strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose Hades Tigers. The prophecy, while vague and cryptic, was brought into the hellfire's light when Kick Rocks summoned Jessica Telephone after misunderstanding a request from Fearful Symmetry. When she first entered Sixth Circle Stadium, her legendary bat seemed to hum and resonate with the ritualistic architecture. While it was a period of Siesta, there was a crowd of fans at the stadium waiting on election results. Their love and passion for the game, the mystical nature of Telephone's bat; the fear and excitement of the players; and the unending solar eclipse of the Discipline Era provided Kick Rocks with the appropriate energies to conduct a summoning.

Exactly what transpired during this ritual is unclear. One particularly poetic fan interviewed afterwards described it as such:

"Orange lightning crackled and shook the stadium itself, deep in the bowels of hell. The grass was scarred by spindling energy as the fans' passion and love struck burned a path towards centerfield, feeding an ever-shifting shape that could only be described as a three headed tiger full of eyes moving freely about the body; a shifting and ever growing array of infinite teeth lining a never ending maw; coated in innumerable stripes; with claws sharp enough to tear through reality itself."

Another interviewed fan described the ritual in very different terms:


Fearful Symmetry issued a press release following the ritual containing a reminder that by purchasing a ticket fans waive all rights to sue for any harm they undergo while within Sixth Circle Stadium, and called the ritual a "resounding success in rousing the hearts of our fans" with plans to make it a recurring event each preseason. Unfortunately, the loss of Jessica Telephone to feedback during Season 4 has prevented these plans from going forwards until the Tigers can secure another sufficiently legendary item.

Known Names For The Mascot:

  • The Presence
  • The Ill Wind
  • The Sense of Dread
  • The Watcher In The Dark
  • Something Wicked
  • Impending Doom
  • Tigerberus
  • The All Tiger
  • Ur-Tiger

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