Power Chaaarge

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For the blood type blessing which gives batters a chance to Overperform after hitting a double, see Power Chaarge.

Power Chaaarge is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β16 Election as a result of the blessing of the same name. It is an Exclusive Modification of the Dallas Steaks.


Batters on a team with Power Chaaarge may gain the Overperforming Modification for the remainder of a game after hitting a triple.

Power Chaaarge has no effect on pitchers.


Power Chaaarge was first seen during the Season β16 Election, granted from the Power Chaaarge Blessing, with the description "Chaaarge! Give your Team AAA Blood.". The Dallas Steaks won this blessing, with the following message:

The Steaks activated Power Chaaarge for the first time on Day 2 of Season β17, when Conner Haley hit a triple in the bottom of the eleventh inning, "became Power Chaaarged!", and batted in Abbott and Beyonce to shame the Mechanics[1].

A Blood Type

The Charleston Shoe Thieves gained A Blood Type in the Season β18 Elections, giving them a random Blood Type modification each game. They activated Power Chaaarge for the first time on Season β19, Day 68, when Stu Trololol hit a triple.

  1. who, it should be noted, the Steaks had wimdied the Power Chaaarge blessing out from under,