Pour House

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The Pour House is a Boston bar and restaurant that exists in its own pocket dimension not far from the Fens. The entrance is located outside of Boston's stable areas, so any visit to the Pour House is an uncertain endeavor, but many locals consider frequent attempts highly worthwhile.

The Pour House was originally constructed by disgruntled Dunkies employees in the aftermath of the Big Dunk. They went inside a mysterious door to discover an empty cramped bar with a full kitchen and one tap labeled "Naraganslett", which produced seemingly infinite amounts of light but tasty beer.

The founders of the Pour House took advantage of these amenities to open a restaurant as an alternative to donut mining, and quickly discovered that the unique properties of the pocket universe containing the Pour House are ideally suited to a bar. Time flows differently inside, so that visitors can spend hours at a table eating and drinking and return to Boston proper minutes after they entered. Similarly, there is an odd quality of space inside the Pour House such that there is always an empty booth, no matter how many people are inside. Even more mysteriously, money works differently inside the Pour House, meaning prices are always extremely low.

The staff in the Pour House are relaxed and friendly, owing to spending all their time in a relatively safe, stable, and slow-moving dimension. Furthermore, the food is simple but excellent - their burgers, in particular, are famous throughout the city.