Pitching Machine/IF-824.01

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Pitching Machine #82401

From Los Angeli Universe: 82401

Appearance and Details: Originally created by a young Tacos' fan, Spuddy the potato cannon was added to the team's Rotation when (by threat of the Peanut itself) the team was forced to adopt a new pitcher following the events of The Snackrifice. Though originally thought that the sentient heap of duct tape and PVC pipe would immediately fall apart, it turned out it was made by quite the clever child and eventually came to earn the loving nickname fans and fellow league members came to give it.

Pitching Machine (or PM for short) often utilizes a fakeout pitch tactic to confuse sometimes even the greatest of ILB batters by launching a yukon gold potato into the air, not unlike a mortar strike, before loading in the actual ball and pitching it straight towards the catcher's mitt. Though other players have attempted to claim such methods as unfair, these were immediately dismissed when the Commissioner stated, "Uhhh... It's a potato cannon?"

Musical Ability: PM often enjoys spending time with it's child creator, found often times (even right before games) partaking in an ongoing LARP campaign set in a cyberpunk universe. This even resulted in some of the fellow Tacos players joining said campaign, continuing to meetup even after PM's transfer to the Seattle Garages. Whilst playing for the Garages, it was discovered that by drilling holes in the length of the barrel, PM could not only achieve faster pitches but could add musical accompaniment in what many have bandmates have described as "a highly-pressured bassoon, but like... in a good way?"