Pitching Machine/IF-57.78

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Pitching Machine #5778

From Los Angeli Universe: 5778

Appearance: A normal pitching machine one would expect to see on their ceiling.

Pitching Machine by Razura.png

Details: This iteration of Pitching Machine was first seen shortly after the Season 11 finals where it pitched against the Hellmouth Sunbeams in an away game. While most of the Garages were reportedly unaffected, this Pitching Machine came away with an Adaptation, notably including increased mobility, stealth, and defense granted by five arachnoid legs, an eye on one of it's pitching wheels, and occasional bouts of lava spewing from it's funnel despite no apparent source.

Although there is no visible mouth on it, it has been observed to utter the word "blood" every 9 hours. While it does not seem to be any thirstier than usual, several team members have reported having their sleep disturbed by the deep cries of "blood" coming from the shadows. This version becomes excited when in the presence of Sparks Beans. When asked about why this would be, Sparks claimed that they were "so absolutely legally not allowed to talk about it; just, don't go to the Hellmouth."

Musical ability: Capable of hissing, clicking, screeching, spitting lava, scatting, humming dirges, and purring.