Pitching Machine/IF-244.8

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Pitching Machine #2448

Pitching Machine by Rhys.png

From Los Angeli Universe: 2448

Appearance: A traditional Pitching Machine, adorned in stickers. Modified by Oll-E to have robotic crab-like legs for moving around.

Details: The version of Pitching Machine that first appeared to the Garages. When Notarobot was fixing it up, Pitching Machine 2448 requested legs with joints to better facilitate movement. Notarobot, wanting to pay tribute to the newly ascended crabs, fashioned multi jointed legs similar to that of crab legs.

Musical Ability: Pitching Machine 2448 contributes to the band in a number of ways. It enjoys pitching balls at a far away drum for a dramatic reverb, it has begun learning how to use a foot pedal drum with it's new mobile legs, and it has even reported to be able to "sing".