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Pandemonium Artists/IF-42.74


You know the phrase "I'll sleep when I'm dead"?

That's the Pandemonium Artists, every last one. Now here they are in the underworld, and they still can't rest. Their spirits are driven by a need to continue creating. They constantly take on new works and commissions, fueled by coffee and a drive to spite anyone who says they can't do it.

This drive has allowed them to rise above the other spirits of Pandemonium and find something like life, but only as long as they keep creating. Every bat, ball, locker room, and dugout the artists enter is covered in a thick layer of graffiti to confirm they are still kicking.

Pandemonium Artists/IF-42.741


All over Pandemonium, taggers and graffiti artists throw up amazing works of art. The city is a colorful landscape of hand-styles and murals, crisscrossing and painting over every surface. Some swear that art has taken on a life of its own. In the case of the Pandemonium Artists, it has.

32 distinct characters (although some dispute the number) have been seen painted all over the city and almost always grouped along the same walls and alleys. What makes these unique though, is several witnesses claiming the Art steps off the wall and comes to life - and if approached, won't stop talking about blaseball.

Some assume they must all be created by a single artist/necromancer who is bringing the graffiti to life, but the Artists have been seen in such a wide variety of mediums and styles, that seems impossible. So far, no on has claimed ownership of any of the living art either.

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