Oconnor Family

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Oconnor Family are the former owners of the Yellowstone Magic. Not much is known about them other than that they interfere often in the workings of the Magic and its coach, Alf Merlinmeyer. The youngest Oconnor, Famous Oconnor, formerly played for the Magic (see note on incineration below).

No one knows how the Oconnor Family gained their wealth, just that they appeared in popular culture as The Internet Blaseball League was created. They won the bid for the Yellowstone Magic with no competition, and their first act as owners was to hold pitcher try outs, with their child, Famous Oconnor, earning a spot on the team through sheer corruption their amazing skill alone with no nepotism involved.

After the incineration of Famous Oconnor on day 65 of Season 2, ownership of the magic was transferred to the mysterious benefactor Park Service.