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The ORB became the mascot of the Canada Moist Talkers at the start of Season 尾7. No information is known about it.

Team Anthem

During The ORB's time as mascot, Moist Talkers fans started singing a new team anthem during games. No one has yet claimed authorship for it. Fans have expressed confusion that they don't remember ever learning the words, despite knowing them all on the first day of Season 7.

Infinitely smooth,

Infinitely round,

It hovers above our blaseball ground.

Infinitely large

Yet infinitely small,

It lurks within the heart of us all.

None came before it,

None shall come after;

It crushes all sorrow and vanquishes laughter.

It has no beginning,

It has no end;

All events does it portend.

It has no time,

It has no place;

It is everywhen and every space.

One perfect facet,

One perfect form;

It is searingly cold and frigidly warm.

O R B is death,

O R B is life;

It is every success and every strife.

O R B is us,

O R B is you;

Any day you cross O R B is a day you will rue.

Out of Character: Explanation

To some Blaseball fans, the genesis of ORB will be immediately apparent, yet for others it remains a mystery. It all depends on which browser you use to watch Blaseball games. The Moist Talkers' logo is a white circle with an emoji of a talking head inside. On some browsers, however, the emoji is shown as the same colour as the circle and therefore those fans only see a plain white circle. This was eventually identified by Moist Talkers fans as a representation of the great ORB, and thus correct and proper reverence was begun.