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Side Gigs in Baltimore

Nora Perez had to pick up so many side gigs throughout Baltimore to cover her tuition that alongside her blaseball career and reaping gig she also may have also worked every job in and under the Crabitat. Passerbys would see her working construction on new sections of the fortress, residents would catch her working a barista gig at the local tea place in the Stilts, she was the rower for the gondolas, and she sold concessions at every home game. Because nobody could buy concessions while Perez was at bat, they had to take the lost revenue out of her paycheck, requiring her to pick up even more jobs.

She wasn't omnipresent or super fast or anything, she was just really, really tired, and often relied on rides from Kennedy Loser between shifts, and slept in Pedro Davids’ RV when required she didn’t have the energy to get all the way home after a late game. Perez spent many nights snacking on leftover concessions, going over her thesis paper with David, and then getting a ride back to her apartment with Loser so she could get up and do it all again the next morning.

When she was incinerated Season 2 day 25, Perez was missed by many of the team, with her pearls begging distributed amongst them, and Davids in particular keeping her unfinished thesis, still marked up with red pen after their last writing session. Upon her incineration Perez's ashes were made into Memorial Pearls and distributed to Combs Duende, Forrest Best, and Kennedy Loser.


After a lifetime of activity, Nora Perez quickly discovered that not even death could slow her down for long. Upon realizing that despite the presence of the Monitor no one was really doing much to keep the hall up and running, Perez quickly made herself a niche of finding and greeting the new arrivals and getting people together in the Hall. What began with simply finding and greeting guests quickly became a practiced art, with Perez integrating the newly dead into the growing community of players in the Hall.

After several seasons, Perez realized to her annoyance that she no longer had a good grip on what the shape of the league was up above. While many would rather not think about the splort that cost them their lives, just as many were interested in seeing how their teammates were doing this season, leading to Perez keeping a running board of who was on what team, who had won the latest season, and what was the latest goings on with that giant peanut. Perez did encounter a slight hiccup when players first started reporting that the Baltimore Crabs were at the top of the league however, as she assumed that they were messing with her. This was eventually resolved with the death of Tillman Henderson who confirmed that they Crabs “Used to be incredible, but now that he’d died it was all going to go downhill for them.”

Time passed and Perez moved on, as more and more people entered the hall (and a few people ``left``), she greeted them all with the same knowing smile and confidence, whether they were the legendary Landry Violence or the lesser known Paul Barnes. As the work piled up Perez did eventually take on allies in her work with fellow psychopomps Velasquez Meadows and Rylan O’Lantern providing assistance alongside the haunted Esme Ramsey and eventually, to her delight, her old now haunted friend Kennedy Loser.

The Hall Opens

As the expansion era drew on and the leagues relationship with death began to muddy, Perez found herself vexed by the coming and going Debts, Returns, Roams, and Vaulting, but she had built a place for herself here, and she kept the Hall together the best she could with her deceased and deceased-adjacent colleagues. When the Breath Mints were incinerated in a solar eclipse Perez watched in awe as for the first time she saw exactly what the Monitor was capable of in collecting entire teams to be brought back into the Hall. Perez felt deflated, realizing that all she had worked on was still no match for the powers of an actual god, and spent the next few days trying to get her head together with Combs Duende and the newly dead Winnie Hess.

This lasted up until the incineration of Adalberto Tosser, and old Crab and old friend just waiting to be brought into the fold. Perez personally located and talked to an older, more tired Tosser, and helped him find his partner Brock Forbes who had died several seasons back. When the monitor came for the Fridays, this time Perez just watched and took notes, remembering that she too was capable of her own greatness.