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Before Blaseball

Nora Perez moved to Baltimore as a graduate student studying marine biology, and was drawn to Baltimore specifically because of its history with Carcinization as well the recent outcome of the Reckoning that took place, and the rumoured death of the Olde One. While she was not present for any of those events, she was able to pick up bits and pieces of the story as she settled into the city, and took great joy in learning about the history of Baltimore from anyone she could talk to about the subject.

In order to cover her tuition Nora Perez’s first goal was to get a job in this new fascinating city, and she quickly picked up many side gigs throughout Baltimore to cover her tuition, including what might have been every single job the Crabitat had to offer. Passerbys would see her working construction on new sections of the fortress, residents would catch her working a barista gig at the local tea place in the Stilts, she was the rower for the gondolas, and she sold concessions at every home game.

Joining the Baltimore Crabs

Finally Perez’s time at the Crabitat came to it’s natural peak, where she was given a chance to join their blaseball team - the Baltimore Crabs. Perex took the offer immediately citing many reasons from the better pay to getting access to Kennedy Loser’s couch to crash on. That’s not to say she didn’t enjoy her time with the team outside of that. Perez got along well with Winnie Hess during her season with the Crabs as the two enjoyed gossiping about other teams in the ILB together, and her and team captain Combs Duende worked closely together, with rumours starting to form that Duende was training Perez into the Crab’s next captain.

Unfortunately Perez’s captaincy bid, thesis, and life were all cut short when in Season 2 Day 25, she became the 5th player in the ILB ever incinerated by a rogue umpire. Upon her incineration Perez's ashes were made into Memorial Pearls and distributed to Combs Duende, Forrest Best, and Kennedy Loser.

Nora Perez Enters the Hall of Flame

While Perez was alive, she had a number of other jobs alongside her blaseball career to pay for her tuition. One of the only other jobs that she managed to hold consistently was working part time as a reaper of the departed. She would help them get acquainted with their circumstances, walk them through passing into the Beyond, and comfort them if they were particularly upset with the whole situation, of which a good few were. Participant surveys reported that she had above average bedside manners for a reaper, though she was reportedly "a bit of a klutz" about it. Due to signing an NDA with her employer, she has been physically unable to actually tell anyone where their souls might be going or who in particular is collecting them.

After her incineration, thanks to her relevant job experience, and also because she seems to be the only one who's figured their way around in the Trench, Perez was able to land an assistant gig from The Monitor as a psychopomp to the recently departed. She is usually the first person to find the newly crisped, and is familiar enough with comforting and grounding very frazzled lost souls. As one of the few really familiar faces to those among the dead, she also helps delegate between the Null Team and the Monitor if anything comes up that needs its fleeting attention.

As Perez spent more and more time in the Hall she began to see familiar faces. The first crab she ever greeted was her former captain Combs Duende who seemed to shadow Perez through the trench though much of their time together, with Duende acting as strong silent backup to Perez’s often bubbly demeanor. Many followed, and some left (a prospect that, to Perez, was more terrifying than their initial death), and she met many other familiar faces, taking pride in showing them just how far she had come. When Duende’s close friend and ally Brock Forbes joined them in Season 22, Perez was able to facilitate a touching reunion, and still thinks back on it with pride.

The Hall Opens

As the expansion era drew on and the leagues relationship with death began to muddy, Perez found herself vexed by the coming and going Debts, Returns, Roams, and Vaulting, but she had built a place for herself here, and she kept the Hall together the best she could with her deceased and deceased-adjacent colleagues. When the Breath Mints were incinerated in a solar eclipse Perez watched in awe as for the first time she saw exactly what the Monitor was capable of in collecting entire teams to be brought back into the Hall. Perez felt deflated, realizing that all she had worked on was still no match for the powers of an actual god, and spent the next few days trying to get her head together with Combs Duende and the newly dead Winnie Hess.

This lasted up until the incineration of Adalberto Tosser, and old Crab and old friend just waiting to be brought into the fold. Perez personally located and talked to an older, more tired Tosser, and helped him find his partner Brock Forbes who had died several seasons back. When the monitor came for the Fridays, this time Perez just watched and took notes, remembering that she too was capable of her own greatness.