Nerd Pacheco/Honorary Degree Guide

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Welcome to this guide! Here we offer tips and tricks to write a short wiki entry describing how Professor Dr. Nerd Pacheco received an honorary degree.

If you are new to wiki editing in general, be sure to check out the Style Guide, particularly the "Voice" section.

Before you start

All wiki additions or edits that build on a character must be summarised on the talk page first. It must be available there for at least 24 hours for the community to view and discuss, and mentioning it on relevant discord channels (#fan-lore on the main Blaseball discord, and #lore-big-brain-energy in the Solarium discord) is considered a reasonable courtesy also.

The Talk page for suggesting honorary decrees can be found here. If you sign off with four tilde's (~), your username and a timestamp is automatically added.

Talk pages entries do not need to be the final article text, a bullet point summary is fine.

Making the Page


All Honorary Degree pages must start with Hon-, the typical prefix for an honorary degree. From there, a "degree acronym" is the preferred format, with the first letter indicating the level of degree. an M for Masters or a D for Doctorate are the most common honorary degrees awarded.

Degree majors often have acronyms - use websites like this one to concoct a suitable acronym. The Immaterial Plane is a strange place, so no need to shoehorn your idea into a mundane field of study with a known acronym- a degree in astro-literature, or fungal economics, or profane mathematics are all possible!


Your new page will come preloaded with a "Rumor Header" Template, and a Subheading 2. The Rumor Header Template will not appear on Nerd's page, the contents of Subheading 2 will. The contents of Subheading 2 should be a expansion of the abbreviation you used for the Honorary Degree Page Title, so someone reading through Nerd's page will know what field of study the entry talks about. It's also a good spot to mention an elective, specialisation, or other term from academia that helps describe the discipline.

For example, a page titled Hon-M.FA in Creative Writing could then specify:

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Services to Zine-Making)

Writing a cool story

Each Honorary Degree page should tell a story, one that does not necessarily have to include all aspects mentioned below. The following are questions whose answers you may wish to address on your page, to bring a little more character and flavor to the world of Immaterial Planar academia.

  • Which institution offered the degree?
  • What did Nerd say or do, and under what circumstances, to be awarded this decree?
  • How did actual experts in the field respond to Nerd's comments?
  • What actions did Nerd take, either to learn more or issue corrections, after being awarded the decree?