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Natha Kath/IF-19.704

Natha Toasts Toast

Before her incineration, Natha Kath was a lime green pop-up toaster that pitched for the Unlimited Tacos. Considering she was inanimate, the pitcher after her, Sexton Wheerer (at the time known as Sexton Wheeler) would place her on the pitcher's mound, on her side. In order to pitch, her team rigged her mechanisms to pop up (as a toaster would with toast) at a stronger than average rate, so that she could pitch by pushing the ball up and at the opposing team successfully.

Unfortunately, due to rain that occurred on the 16th day of Season 3, Kath's popping mechanisms broke and she was unable to pitch the ball. In order to prevent a hold-up in gameplay, a Rogue Umpires incinerated her, thus her Blaseball career came to an end.

Natha Kath/IF-35.98

Hot and Cold

Natha Kath was a vaguely humanoid conglomeration of magma and ice with something resembling a toaster attached to one 'arm'. Being formed directly from material deep underground, possibly from another plane of existence altogether, she searched for an activity to use up excess energy, settling on a kickball league. While this league ended up being for Blaseball instead, it provided her a space to feel more connected to the residents of the land she originated from. Natha quickly got along with the rest of the Tacos due to being spunky, fiery, and fun to be around, with teammates jokingly describing her to the press as “cool”, “chill”, and other low-temperature based adjectives.

She was enthusiastic about multiverse theory, and would often talk about the idea of alternate versions of herself, theorizing that there may be Nathas associated with other elements somewhere out there in the multiverse. Unfortunately, she did not live long enough to see Los Angeli split into infinite dimensions, where these versions of her most definitely exist. However, no alternate Nathas have been found by the Tacos.

Natha also had the ability to control the temperature of the toaster arm, an ability possibly related to her Fire blood type and general magma-esque construction. Due to the laws of thermodynamics, it is technically impossible to simply make things cold, but Natha circumvented this with something that she called the Hot Storage, a compartment that heat could be stored in to warm other things up later. This temperature control allowed her to do an assortment of things, such as toast bread, warm up her teammates' coffee, keep her own Cold Brews cold, toast toast, and pitch her signature Hot Pitch, which completely burnt out before reaching the plate and ultimately counted as a ball.

As she would learn the hard way, though, the Hot Storage had its limits. On Season 3, Day 16, a rogue umpire attempted to incinerate teammate Moses Mason (then Moses Simmons). The two were close friends, due to their similar nature of element-based construction, with Moses being made of concrete from the roads of Los Angeles. Activating her Hot Storage to protect them, Natha got in the way of the Ump’s fire. While it kept Moses safe, it was too much heat for her to absorb. Despite her best efforts, Natha was incinerated. The ice that solidified her melted, and the magma spread through the field and back into the ground.

The Hot Storage compartment’s backpack-like structure itself was destroyed in Natha’s incineration, but the toaster-like contraption that she used to do most of the actual heating and cooling of things remained mostly intact, albeit badly damaged. Despite its damage, it retained the ability to heat things up, allowing it to be used as a portable toaster. Because of that, her personal ILB records were misclassified to say that she was a toaster.

Natha Kath/IF-53.827

Natha's Humanity

Natha's Humanity Natha, the Tacos’ sole incineration, was known as a wild card, both on the mound and around the city. Embodying the team’s pop-90s spirit, she frequently donned rainbow checkerprints and neon patterns, and her portrait along the team’s hall depicts her in an entirely colored denim athletic outfit with a vegan taco in hand. In this portrait, her mullet was a pink ombre, although she was known to change hair colors frequently with assistance from high-fashion teammate Basilio Preston (now Mason).

Kath, continuing to exemplify the team’s energy, commissioned a replacement for her prosthetic arm in order for it to be a neon shade of green. Although born with only one arm, she made up new stories every time someone asked about its origin. Prior to the start of Season 2, a news station interviewing the rotation approached Kath about her green arm, to which she responded, “‘Oh yeah, that was because back in XX92 I was swimming through the Venice canals and there was a mongoose deep down there that bit it off because I called it ugly, moral of the story the city council had to get involved and declared circular televisions illegal.’” No legitimate answer has ever been given during interviews. Recruited by Al Pastor from a local kitchen appliance store to be in marketing for his up-and-coming kickball team, Wyatt Masons’ interest in mechanics began from talking about her prosthetics, eventually leading to NaN’s subconscious affection towards Pitching Machine.

Although her entry into the ILB was unintentional, as with the rest of the Tacos original roster, she quickly befriended the team and hosted game nights, coaching fellow teammates Patel Beyonce and Lee Davenport (now Wyatt Dovenpart) in Sluper Smash Brlos, and leading card sessions with Taiga (now Wyatt) Quitter. She is cited to have attempted to get sponsored by Van Nuys Ralphio’s grape soda line on multiple occasions, and was a fan of pineapple pizza.

Although the second best performing Tacos pitcher of her time, her coaching skills were never extended from gaming onto the mound, although team captain Wanda (now Wyatt) Pothos regularly asked her to. She did, however, express slight interest and request to discuss the logistics of coaching over tacos with Pothos at least seventeen times.

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