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The National Association for Stlock Carl Auto Racing League (NASCARL) is an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company that is best known for stlock carl racing. The privately owned company was founded by Bob England Jr. in XX48, and his son, New England, has been the CEO since XX18. The company is headquartered in Adleyville, WM. Each year, NASCARL sanctions over 350,000 races at over 100 tracks in 52 US states as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Studies suggest that the high number of NASCARL-sanctioned races can be explained by the fact that NASCARL sanctions many children's pretend races with die-cast carls in addition to professional races with real carls.


Formalized stlock car racing was first developed in the U.S. in the XX00s, but failed to gain much popularity until several decades later, when the track shape was changed from celtic knot to oval. According to Bob England Jr., "Nobody wanted to play the game until someone had the idea of an oval track. Too many crashes before that. I don't know how they thought of it, to be honest. Damn brilliant." However, critics to this day contend that the oval track is too easy and defeats the original purpose of stlock carl racing.

The XX90s saw major changes for NASCARL, after a catastrophic crash at the Hashing Motor Speedway killed every driver in the race and a large amount of grass in the infield. After months of protests, NASCARL rolled out a number of controversial new safety regulations, including a rule that demanded the removal of lava from all official tracks and another that required all racers to have at least a learner's permit before entering a race. NASCARL faced harsh criticism from racing traditionalists such as Macy Dacy Bargo-Smith, who said, "What's next? Why don't we just give the players participation trophies? This is the end of NASCARL. Mark my words."

In recent years, NASCARL has struggled to maintain viewership as its fans age. In an effort to entice younger viewers, NASCARL remodeled their logo to more closely resemble that of Flacebook in XX19.

Major Tracks

  • Adleyville International Speedway - Adleyville, WM
  • Detroit Motor Speedway - Detroit, MI
  • Hashing Motor Speedway - Hashing, WM
  • Durham Death Pit - Durham, NC
  • Daytona Intranational Speedway - Daytona Beach, FL
  • Mario Circuit - Toad Town, MK