Movement for the Liberation of Blaseball

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The Movement to Liberate Blaseball (MLB) is an organization of blaseball players and blaseball fans, founded in Miami, Florida, whose aims are "to reclaim the people's game from the tyrannical yoke of the Rogue Umpiress, and the Commissioner that serves them."[1] It is organized in "chapters" or "cells", which coordinate action, both on the local and league-wide level.

Role in the Snackrifice

The MLB, through its Los Angeles chapter, provided critical infrastructure and coordination support during the Snackrifice, releasing many calls to action on their online channels, and encouraging worship of the Unlimited Tacos' pitching rotation in their local communities. While the action didn't provide the complete disruption of ILB activities organizers were hoping for, MLB operatives still considered it "an encouraging sign for the future of collective direct action in and around Blaseball"


Following the incineration of a Rogue Umpires during the Season 8, Day 94 game between the Baltimore Crabs and the Miami Dale, several people associated with the MLB started rallying around the cry of "NO UMPS NO MASTERS", calling for more Umpires incinerations. The position was decried by several religious groups, who claim that "standing against the people carrying out the Blaseball Gods' will is standing against the Gods themselves."[2]

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