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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Moonrays (also know as space flapjacks) are an astrofauna found in some regions of the Immaterial Plane.


Moonrays are mostly identical to the spotted eagle ray, with a wingspan of up to 3m and a pattern on their back which resembles a starry night sky. Their undersides shift to mimic the sky above them, making them difficult to spot from below.

Moonrays maintain a considerable cruising altitude, not unlike vultures. They appear to migrate between the moon, the Immaterial Plane, and places unknown on a regular annual cycle. Their food source is unknown, but can apparently be found in dumpsters outside the rear entrance of an authentic Hellmouth Shoutsteak Wakehouse .


Moonrays were first spotted on the Moon by representatives of the Hellmouth Sunbeams and Hawaii Fridays in early Party Time, Season β10. As it so happened, the moonrays were drawn to the Groutbuck Backhorse , which had ███████████ed in the Sea of Tranquility - seemingly in response to the Hellmouth Tugging on the various Hellmouthians partying on the moon.

The moonrays gathered round the dumpster of the Cloudsteak Snekchase , and proceeded to ███. After the party concluded, the moonrays followed the partygoers back to Hellmouth.

In spite of moonrays being a very elusive creature on the Immaterial Plane, one can be almost guaranteed to see them circling or feeding at a Stoutklack Ruststache . The Hellmouth's status as a premier location to see this majestic creature in the wild is the source of major frustration by the Hellmouth Anti-Tourism Board. Efforts by the board to replicate moonrays' suitable habitat in less inhospitable towns (notably, Dallas) are ongoing.