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Rumor / Community Lore
This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Moody Cookbook at their Rumor Registry.

When not playing Blaseball, Cookbook was host of the daytime cooking show The Moody Cookbook, with Moody Cookbook. Cookbook's mouth never moved, but their words were always reassuring; manifesting supportive words directly into a listener's consciousness had led many Tigers fans to consider Cookbook to be the Tigers' de facto Captain.

To a casual observer, Cookbook appeared to be an inanimate, well-loved copy of The Moody Cookbook, although the barcode and ISBN did not correspond to any existing literary database. (Anecdotal reports of varying numbers of limbs, eyes, tentacles, or other bodily features remain unconfirmed.) Focusing too intently on Moody was not recommended by Tigers officials, and had been reported to cause instances of headaches, visual distortions, and REDACTED nasal REDACTED. However, Cookbook reassured us that it will be alright if you do.

ILB officials recommend Blaseball Radio listeners exercise care around recordings of Moody Cookbook while operating heavy machinery or gestating young, as remote transmission of deleterious symptoms has been reported.

Alternate Reality Decree

It was difficult to ascertain how the Alternate Reality decree affected Cookbook, as they still appeared to casual observers as a copy of The Moody Cookbook. Cookbook had stated that they did not notice any differences in their reality since the decree, although they demonstrated proficiency in several new vegan recipes that they had never been observed cooking previously.

Final Recipe

Moody Cookbook's final recipe was Carmelo Plums, a fruitcake that following Cookbook's incineration became part of the Hades Tigers lineup. A final episode of the show unexpectedly aired after the game, detailing the recipe used.

Several pages from Cookbook survived the incineration. These pages are currently on display in the Landry Violence Memorial Hall.

Names in Red

After the death of Landry Violence at the end of Season 3, Moody Cookbook took a recipe book and wrote, the name of the umpire who had killed Landry. This was the start of a new tradition. They wrote down the names of every death in the league and every ump associated with it. Every name written down in red with the intention of trying to do better and a silent promise to try and prevent their deaths from happening again. The list grew longer day by day until suddenly in Season 7 it stopped being recorded altogether.

Along with the captainship Hiroto received all of Moody’s training plans and notes with the recipe book among them. They added Moody Cookbook themself to the list. And then Scorpler McLaughlin. And then the Umpire that killed them. And then Hiroto continued to write down names.

Unknown to anyone else the recipe book resides underground next to the tigers wins, guarded by horrors, and one stalwart captain.