Moist Owlette

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Moist Owlette replaced the Belligerent Phlegm Receptacle as the official mascot of the Canada Moist Talkers at the start of Season 3. The reason behind this change has been a major cause for controversy within not only the Moist Talkers organization itself, but the Blaseball universe as a whole.

The Moist Owlette presents two hotly-debated topics among xenobiologists specializing in mascot morphology: is it sentient, and where did it come from? Current theory dictates that its origins are closely linked to the Belligerent Phlegm Receptacle, with many hypothesizing that it spawned from its depths. The theory continues to state that it formed a kind of ‘cocoon’ from waste found within the BPR itself, but rather than emerging from it, fused with it, becoming a moist mass of papery pulp. There is also support for its having some degree of intelligence, as it has displayed nesting behaviours, seemingly exhibiting a kind of symbiotic bond with Canada Moist Talkers player Eugenia Garbage. It can often be found resting within her trash-comprised exterior.

Major Theories

  • Seeing one of the lowest attendance rates in the 0-13 demographic in Season 2, the Moist Talkers mascot was changed to something that would be more attractive to parents, and help bolster sales of merchandise.
  • PolkaDot Patterson's hair is insured for $10,000 and the repeated act of dunking their entire head into a fountain full of saliva could have been seen as an untenable liability.
  • A fringe theory states that the disappearance of 11 year old Harry Halifax, during Season 2, was due to the Belligerent Phlegm Receptacle. Halifax, a child of the Halifax Mob, disappeared shortly after a Moist Talker game. Proponents of this theory state that financial records showing a steep increase in price for cheese provided by the mob point to a strained relationship with the team. The rumours of trench coat clad figures tossing oddly lumpy garbage bags into the BPR in the dead of night are simply rumours, and stadium staff would appreciate it if you stopped asking them about it.