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Relationship with Blaseball

Due to the Escobar family’s long history with Blaseball, Escobar was raised entirely surrounded by the splort from a young age. In early seasons, many fans noted Escobar seemed to have little in terms of interests outside of it. When the Houston Spies were not playing, Escobar would commonly be found at the stadium or in practice areas, seemingly lost outside of a Blaseball-based scenario. Upon being asked about their hobbies in a rare Agency-approved interview during Season β3, Escobar stated they enjoyed “studying the rulebook” and “trying out different bats.”

Some have suggested that Escobar’s quick association with magic following the use of the Summoning Circle occurred partially due to this, as it would have been one of their first new interests since their childhood. This was backed up by comments overheard by Spies fans during a game in Season β5, where Reese Clark stated that Escobar’s early years involved “going to training camp after school every day and Blittle League all summer.”

Though members of the Houston Spies are rarely seen in public, the team’s few appearances in public during the Grand Siesta seemed to imply Escobar’s teammates became interested in diversifying their interests. Escobar was once seen visiting a skate park with Theodore Holloway and their son, Son Scotch, where they tested the skateboard by swinging it akin to a bat multiple times before using it. Escobar was later seen at team practice looking through a Sudoku book with Math Velazquez.

Upon being asked about their future goals in a Grand Siesta interview, Escobar commented, “well, for most of my life I’ve been planning on playing Blaseball and eventually getting incinerated. But I guess it would be nice to complete a spellbook before that happens.”

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