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For the Team Modification which protects its players from Incineration, see Fireproof.

Fire Eater is a Player Modification, first seen after the Season β9 Elections and the passing of the Forecast:Eclipse decree.

Magmatic is a Player Modification, first seen on Season β10, Day 1 as a result of Fire Eater.


Whenever a Rogue Umpire tries to incinerate a player with Fire Eater in Solar Eclipse weather, the player will "eat the flame" instead and gain the Magmatic Modification. Players with Magmatic will hit a guaranteed home run in their next At Bat, then lose the Magmatic modification.

When a Rogue Umpire incinerates a team in Supernova Eclipse weather, Fire Eaters will survive the incineration and join the replacement team.


Mystery Blessings

During the Season β9 Election, Fans were able to choose three weathers as part of the Forecast Decree. Forecast: Eclipse, Forecast: Birds and Forecast: Blooddrain were selected, influencing the mystery blessings given to one player on every team: Fire Eater, Friend of Crows, and Siphon.

The following players (all in their respective team's lineup at the time) received the Fire Eater modification at the end of Season 9:

Team Fire Eater
Canada Moist Talkers Fish Summer
Dallas Steaks August Sky
Hades Tigers Paula Mason
New York Millennials Andrew Solis
Seattle Garages Malik Destiny
Charleston Shoe Thieves Velasquez Alstott
Hawai'i Fridays Christian Combs
Kansas City Breath Mints Rodriguez Internet
Philly Pies Jaxon Buckley
Yellowstone Magic Wyatt Glover
Baltimore Crabs Nagomi Mcdaniel
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Steph Weeks
Chicago Firefighters Justice Spoon
Mexico City Wild Wings Kennedy Meh
San Francisco Lovers Ortiz Lopez
Boston Flowers Margarito Nava
Hellmouth Sunbeams Nagomi Nava
Houston Spies Reese Clark
Miami Dale Caleb Novak
Unlimited Tacos Basilio Fig

The Discipline Era

The first activation of Fire Eater occurred on the first day of Season β10, in a match between the Houston Spies and Hellmouth Sunbeams. Sunbeams player Nagomi Nava was targeted for incineration in the second inning, but instead swallowed the flame, became Magmatic, and hit a home run the next inning.

Fans were elated at the new defense against Rogue Umpires, but soon discovered (with the incineration of Yeong-Ho Benitez on Day 13) that Fire Eater would only protect the individual and not the team.

Season 10 also brought changes to the Idol Board, with icons for the three forecast weathers (and Feedback at position 14) beside various positions on the Board. Positions 6 and 15 sported an Eclipse icon, and by the end of Day 99 were occupied by Landry Violence and Tillman Henderson respectively. As a result, Violence gained a seasonal version of the Fire Eater modification, and used it to avoid incineration and hit a Magmatic home run on Season 10, Day X.

The Expansion Era

The original roster of Fire Eaters remained unchanged until the implementation of a new Items system in Season β15, where Items with the appropriate element could confer modifications on players wielding them. A full list of Fire Eating Items which dropped during the Expansion Era can be found here.

In the Season β22 Elections, Oscar Dollie gained the Fire Eater modification after the Charleston Shoe Thieves re-rolled Dollie's Attractor modification using a Reform Will.


  • Pitchers with the Fire Eater modification can still eat fire and become Magmatic, but will not be able to lose their Magmatic modification until they are moved from rotation to lineup and step up to bat. Breckenridge Jazz Hands pitcher August Sky is a notable offender, having acquired Magmatic on Season β17, Day 45 and retaining it for the remainder of the Expansion era.
  • It is unclear why Tillman Henderson did not receive the Fire Eater modification from the Season 10 Idol Board, as living players (like Thomas Dracaena and Hahn Fox) did receive a seasonal version of the modifications.
  • The first Fire Eating item generated in the game was given to Hellmouth Sunbeams batter Joe Voorhees, on Season β17, Day 63. Twelve days later, they were  SHELLED by Jessica Telephone to receive an additional layer of protection from incinerations.
    • As Voorhees was moved to the Sunbeams' shadows at the end of Season 17 and has not seen active play since, it remains unknown whether the protection from the peanut shell would activate first in the event of incineration, or if Fire Eater would activate first and allow them to eat the flame and become Magmatic.
  • One Prehistory I player, Foxy Otten of the Downward Dogs, also has the Fire Eater modification. The circumstances in which they acquired the modification are unknown.
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