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Personal Life

Luis Acevedo is a living statue, and while the identity of their creator has never been explicitly confirmed by either of them, many sources point to their partner and former teammate Tot Clark as the sculptor. They are also a marimba player for the Modal Garages Of Seattle.

History as an Immortal Being

Luis Acevedo, according to several historical records and their own, limited accounts, was around long before they were a living statue. They described themself as what people today would call a "vampire," alongside a few stories of knowing other vampires in Blaseball.

Acevedo included Thomas Dracaena among these vampires, with no small degree of contempt. When asked about this rivalry, they responded that it was due to "petty immortal drama," but did not elaborate further. This account has led to many questions of its validity, due to many previous reports confirming that Dracaena is most certainly not a vampire.

All stories about their vampirism they have shared publicly, or that have been shared by teammates, seem to stop abruptly around the late 1800s. Reports of them as a living statue begin in the 1990s, and what happened in the century between these two states of living has not been recorded. Asking Acevedo themself has led to unrelated stories and outright refusal to comment on the matter.

On the Seattle Garages

During Season 3, Day 57 colloquially known as The Day of the Grand Shame, after Tot Clark had pitched the entire game, Acevedo was inspired by the effort and finished the game for him so that they could go to Beth's Cafe afterwards and celebrate with one another. This was the fourth and final shame of a day filled with shame for many of the league's home teams.

On the Baltimore Crabs

Acevedo was traded to the Crabs in Season 7 and quickly acclimated to the team, performing well above their rating as a batter to fit in with the Baltimorean once-champions. Several other members of the Crabs are on record as saying that the inclusion of a former Garages member to the team has gotten them thinking seriously about starting their own band, with Tillman Henderson reported as saying (for the fifth time this month) that he is "gonna pick up the guitar again". Acevedo also began exploring the Baltimore DIY music scene upon being traded to the Crabs, and can frequently be found at open mics and house shows with their teammates when not on the blaseball field.

With Chiclawgo

Acevedo has been seen talking to Justice Spoon often after Chiclawgo games, and although neither of them have disclosed what about, it is entirely possible that they have both found common points in being living statues. After one Chiclawgo game, both went missing for the night, only for several small statues around Baltimore to have reportedly "come alive" and "move."

When asked about this, neither commented directly, other than Spoon saying that it was "safer for the nearby citizens" and that the now-moving statues would "help the local fire department." All living statues were found and identified, each with blindfolds and bells safely attached.

On the Ohio Worms

In Season 15 Luis Acevedo played for the Ohio Worms.

Return to the Crabs

In Season 16 Luis Acevedo was traded back to pitch for the Crabs alongside Parker Parra, where the two of them continued their trend of awful pitching, but this time in Blatimore. It wasn’t all bad for Acevedo though, with them getting a chance to pitch against their partner Tot Clark of the Garages. While they only won one of the three matches against Clark, Acevedo insisted that since they won the first match that it was the only one that counted.

In Season 17 the recently re-revived Chorby Soul passed on their instability to Acevedo, and on Day 2 of the season, Luis Acevedo was incinerated by a rogue umpire.

Upon their death their ashes were made into pearls and distributed to Tot Clark, Oliver Notarobot, Justice Spoon, Loubert Ji-Eun, Xandra Pancakes, Beck Whitney, Rivers Rosa, Sutton Dreamy, Evelton McBlase II, Edric Tosser, Alaynabella Hollywood and Kennedy Loser.

When Acevedo entered the Hall of Flame they bore no ill will towards Soul, who had unwillingly been the source of Acevedo’s incineration, noting that they had “been running on stolen time for centuries.” Allegedly, the first time that Acevedo haunted Loser they did something with his pearl and Acevedo has refused to tell anyone where it is, delighting in leaving their old captain perplexed.

The Hall Opens

Season 24 saw the reunion of Tot Clark and Luis Acevedo as Clark was incinerated under a Supernova Eclipse. Having spent nearly 7 seasons apart, they were eager to make up for lost time and catch up. Clark did however ask if Acevedo could “Get their cowboy friend to stop throwing pitches at xem”. Reports of how Acevedo responded differ, running from exasperation, amusement, or murderous intent directed at their teammate.