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Lotus Mango/IF-13.12


Lotus Mango, affectionately nicknamed “Gremlotus” or just “Gremlin” by her teammates, is a mysterious humanoid creature made of an indeterminate kind of plant matter. Her arms consist of dozens of interweaving vines with incredible strength and stretchiness, allowing her to climb around the Big Garage with ease. Mango often uses these talents to hang from ceilings or light fixtures, from which she can drop down on people and startle them.

Time with the Garages

Mango has a special interest in frogs of all kinds, and keeps many terrariums full of them in the Big Garage’s greenhouse. Her physiology allows her to handle extremely poisonous species of frog with no issues, and she cheerfully adds such frogs to her collection, admiring their bright colors. Many of her frogs can comfortably exist in Seattle’s climate, and she often lets them roam free or ride on her shoulders. Teammates of Mango’s have noted her ability to recognize when they’re feeling down or unwell. Her near-universal response is to deposit a frog in their hands or on their head, declaring it a “PRESENT!” and absconding in short order.

When playing with the band, Mango favors percussion, using a custom-made drum set with four times as many drums as usual. Her many vines let her play them with no trouble — often all at once. Learning more about her teammates’ solo projects has also inspired her to begin a harsh noise group with Alaynabella Hollywood. Mango’s contributions involve recording the sounds a guitar produces when she tries to eat it.


Outside of her musical pursuits, Mango enjoys the company of Alaynabella Hollywood and Malik Destiny, fellow “agents of chaos” who have taken it upon themselves to help get Mango banned from every Starbucks in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. She also gets along well with Penelope Mathews. They share a mutual appreciation for high-volume conversation, and often go on nature hikes near Mount Saint Helens with Theodore Duende. Shortly after Lenjamin Zhuge’s arrival to the team, Zhuge expressed interest in recruiting Mango to help them find the “legendary Pacific Kelp Beast” in Puget Sound. Mango reportedly dismissed the quest, saying “they don’t live around here anyway,” but has accompanied Zhuge on other such expeditions — evidently for the thrill of breaking into “private” property.

Just like every Garage, Mango sports a unique flannel. Hers is an oversized pink flannel — a gift from Goodwin Morin, handed off at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in a short window between Mango’s arrival and Morin’s departure for Tokyo. Morin’s impressive stature means the shirt nearly reaches Mango’s knees, but she adores it nonetheless. Along with her former teammates in Tokyo, Mango kept up regular correspondence with Morin up until her vaulting in Season 18.

Flipped Negative

Ever since the Reader turned Mango into a Negative, she has demonstrated new abilities relating to the manipulation of gravity. She generally uses this to float up to the Big Garage’s rafters for even stealthier pranks. Mango earned the nickname “Floatus” after taking advantage of her talent in a game to dodge no less than four tags. Each time, she spent more than six minutes hovering over second base and mocking the defenders until they gave up and allowed her to touch the base. Magi Ruiz, already curious about Mango’s composition and biology, attempted to study Mango’s gravity powers. Her results were inconclusive. To further research, Ruiz used the Big Garage’s non-physical tunnels to steal a Sharp Gravity Holey Glove near the end of Season 20. Though it was lost shortly after, Ruiz’s tests on Mango have resumed with promising results.

Lotus Mango/IF-1667

The waters beyond this point are uncharted, tales from distant shores echoed back into our reality.


The following accounts can be traced to a single leather-bound journal originally found in a locked wooden chest alongside a sextant-like device of indeterminate origin and a shell that matches no known species of mollusc. The chest was located in a storage room in the Legscraper’s lower levels that was described as “smelling faintly of the sea”. Subsequent attempts to locate and navigate to said room have been unsuccessful thus far. The journal details the exploits of the crew of a large sailing vessel, The Tokyo Adrift, descriptions of which are largely consistent with mid-17th century galleons.

With The Tokyo Adrift

There was much furore and upset when The Tokyo Adrift set sail while still attached to a crane on the docks of the port they were harbouring at, pulling it straight off its supports. There was less anger when it was discovered that this was by the crane’s choice. Lotus Mango was a construct consisting of a dock crane and a plant. Descriptions of the tree are consistent with that of a coconut palm. The writer is unsure of the origins of the construct but details their research into the matter. The mechanical elements of Lotus Mango seemed to have ties to the Lotus Trading Company, an organisation that is described as having a monopoly on trade in that region of the Immateria seas. Mango lacked the need to eat, drink or sleep, but would frequently join the crew and sit with them at mealtimes regardless. They are non-verbal, presenting another obstacle in determining their origin. Some entries describe Mango as providing crew members with coconuts grown from their tree, with said crew members describing the water within as “abnormally refreshing” and “that’s the stuff”. The writer expresses further confusion over the nature of Mango’s existence as the growth of the tree seems to occur independently of the need for watering or nutrients from the soil.

One specific entry details an incident in which the Adrift was docked at a port known to be controlled by the Lotus Trading Company and Mango disappeared shortly after the ship was resupplied. Subsequently, word was received that a warehouse nearby had been damaged beyond repair at great cost to the Company. Mango did not respond when asked to comment and The Tokyo Adrift set sail immediately after they boarded.

Lotus Mango/IF-56.067


The player known as Lotus Mango is composed of two discrete entities: A Model L5-CR63 (Construction Robot) produced by the now-defunct Lotus Co., and a mango tree (Mangifera indica). Examination of the robot has revealed extensive wear from time and exposure to the elements, with numerous repairs having been made over the course of their Blaseball career. According to reports made by team captain Stijn Strongbody, the two “have created a sort of symbiotic relationship [...] Aside from supplying each other with energy, they’re almost connected on a deeper level than physical. Separating them would be a bad idea.” Additional investigation has shown that the connections between the mango tree’s nervous system and the artificial intelligence of the robot mimic the interconnectedness of the human brain. Additional research to investigate this phenomenon is pending.

Affinity for Blaseball

Despite their original function as a construction robot, team members have noted that Mango has taken to blaseball surprisingly well. Lift fans attribute this to the fact that “lifting I-beams all the time isn’t that different from lifting a bat, if you think about it.” Any attempts to investigate Mango’s source code for more information have failed, as in addition to poor style practice and numerous sections of code that seem to be entirely unused, the code seems to rewrite itself at a rate that makes any live analysis impossible.

Personal Life

Neither Mango herself nor her teammates seem to know her exact age, though radiocarbon dating suggests the mango tree was planted approximately 50 years prior to the start of Season 1. Mango has shown close attachments to all members of the Lift and is reported to be a strong force for promoting mindfulness and positive mental health practices among the team. Mango frequently lacks the ability to communicate vocally (likely due to a mechanical failure) and instead communicates primarily using sign language.

When not playing Blaseball, Mango has often been spotted in the mountainous areas to the northwest of Tokyo. When approached by fans, she will invite them to sit with her in silence, and observe nature. Those who participate in this ritual report feeling “oddly comforted. I mean, she’s just a robot with a tree, right? But I feel like she gets me. I might have to try this on my own sometime.” When Mango was approached for comment, none was given.

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